Our Process

Introductory Visit

Let’s get to know each other. I’ll learn what you’ve done, where you want to go and what’s important for you in an advisor. If there’s a mutual fit, I’ll explain how I can benefit your situation and review the information gathering process so we can identify items you’ll need to bring to our next visit.

Discovery Session

We’ll dig into your current financial situation to gain a deeper understanding of your assets & liabilities, income & expenses.  We’ll clarify and prioritize short-term & long-term goals, determine investment objectives, and your tolerance for risk.  This should give us all the pieces from which we’ll build your plan. 


From a bird’s eye view, I’ll analyze each area of your finances, look for any gaps or challenges in your current plan, and identify different opportunities to reach your financial goals.  Typical problem areas may include too little or too much insurance coverage or a high tax burden. Cash flow may need tweaking, you may be taking on too much or too little risk in your investments or your current plan might not be preparing you for retirement. By taking into account your current financial situation, your priorities and your values, my goal is to determine the best financial strategy for you.

Plan Presentation

We’ll review the plan together and address all your questions before we kick into gear. I’ll never be making decisions for you; I’ll provide recommendations and include context and analysis so you can make informed decisions.  Collaboratively, we’ll decide which ideas to implement, then we’ll develop a plan of attack.


Once we agree on a course of action.  It’s a combined effort as some parts of the plan are my responsibility, while others are yours.  Don’t worry, I’ll be orchestrating implementation and am always available for questions along the way.

Monitor & Review

The first 5 steps require frequent meetings, since we will be working together on creating and implementing your plan. Once all the pieces are in place, we shall meet annually, or as often as you feel necessary. I’ll be monitoring your progress and making sure we’re staying on track to our goals. Plus, it’s a good excuse for a friendly coffee or stroll along the seawall.

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