What We Do

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning goes beyond just your investments. My holistic approach means gathering and examining the pieces to see how all your money fits together, then building a personalized roadmap to secure your financial future. I’m on the lookout to identify potential problems and opportunities so I can offer advice and strategize your next moves. 

Together, we’ll explore lots of “what-if” versions of your dream life, then determine how best to get you there. As your life situation changes, our plan is amendable. Flexibility is built into our strategy, along with annual review meetings, check-in calls when you like, and unlimited support to answer your financial questions. 

You’ll walk away from our meetings with personalized financial solutions and clear guidance on how to step into your financial future.  We’ll cover:

Cash Flow Management

Understanding cash flow is one of the toughest “simple” financial tasks that people struggle with commanding — especially if they’re self-employed or their income varies. We’ll keep track of your income and expenses, then organize the appropriate flow of money to boost wealth and avoid debt. I’ll build you an emergency fund so any surprise expenses don’t throw you off track and plunge you into debt.

Retirement Planning

The perfect retirement looks different for everyone. Want to sip lemonade on a sandy beach or spend time at home with your grandkids? Planning for your retirement is one of the most involved and complex areas of finance. A lot of big questions — When do you want to retire?  How much income will you need in retirement?  What pensions and investments can you use for your retirement? How much tax will you pay? —  need to be answered.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, I’ll guide you towards financial independence so you can retire with confidence and in comfort.

Risk Management

We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for the unknown with a flexible financial plan that includes illness, disability or premature death. I’ll ensure you and your family are secure and comfortable, regardless of unforeseen events.

        • Life insurance 
        • Critical illness insurance
        • Disability insurance
        • Extended Health & Dental

In a private corporation, insurance is used for two general purposes:  managing risk and creating opportunities.  The risk management is satisfied as insurance provides the corporation with a tax-free payment in the event of the death or illness of an owner or someone vital to the success of the business.  As life insurance also allows for the tax-sheltered build-up of cash value, additional planning opportunities are created.

        • Buy-Sell agreement life insurance and disability insurance
        • Key-person life insurance and disability insurance
        • Corporate shared critical illness insurance
        • Group Health Benefit Plans

Investment Planning

Investment planning is a process that begins when you’re clear on your financial goals. Whether you’re looking to grow your money, generate income in retirement or preserve your wealth for future generations, our financial planning process is designed to help you get clear on how to match your financial resources to your financial objectives.

Tax Planning

Better tax planning leads to substantial savings in the long run. My recommendations include how to tighten the tax-efficiency within your existing accounts, and find the most tax-efficient savings vehicles for your personal situation. We’re seeking a plan that minimizes taxes, maximizes cash flow and the ability to contribute to retirement plans. 

Estate Planning

No one plans to be incapacitated or die prematurely, but in the event of any surprises, your will and power of attorney are indispensable.  As part of your plan, we’ll look at options to protect your assets and, more importantly, those dearest to you should you become incapacitated or predecease your loved ones. Having a plan makes tough times much easier to navigate for those left behind, especially when emotions are running high. We’ll assess whether or not your assets will flow tax effectively to the beneficiaries of your estate and provide guidance and resources to make sure your wishes are properly documented and implemented.

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